Do you have any ideas how can I translate "Items per page" in Angular's mat-paginator tag? The mat-paginator is an element from Material Design.


You can use the MatPaginatorIntl for this. Will Showell made an example that no longer works, so here is an updated version (with Dutch) and step-by-step guidance.

  1. Import the MatPaginatorIntl from @angular/material into your application.
  2. Create a new paginator file for your locale (in this example I use Dutch) and import that: import { getDutchPaginatorIntl } from './app/dutch-paginator-intl'; in main.ts file
  3. Set a provider for the Paginator inside of the main.ts file, so it takes the translations of your local file (instead of English as default language):
    providers: [
       { provide: MatPaginatorIntl, useValue: getDutchPaginatorIntl() }
  1. Inside your paginator-intl file, set the labels for the strings that can be translated and export these. Most important part of that file (see the example for more info):
    paginatorIntl.itemsPerPageLabel = 'Items per pagina:';
    paginatorIntl.firstPageLabel = 'Eerste pagina';
    paginatorIntl.previousPageLabel = 'Vorige pagina';
    paginatorIntl.nextPageLabel = 'Volgende pagina';
    paginatorIntl.lastPageLabel = 'Laatste pagina';
    paginatorIntl.getRangeLabel = dutchRangeLabel;

Example on StackBlitz with the paginator translations file as starting point.

June 2018 - Update to Angular 6.x
This updated Example on StackBlitz is upgraded to Angular 6.x to accommodate the latest version of the framework. Only packages have changed, nothing inside the paginator has changed.

June 2019 - Update to Angular 8.x
This updated Example on StackBlitz is upgraded to Angular 8.x to accommodate the latest version of the framework. Only packages have changed, nothing inside the paginator has changed.

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    a bit complicated for a few translation strings but it works thanks – Ruben May 14 '18 at 9:09
  • The internationalization it worked perfectly for me, but its still showing values of tooltip in uppercase? I dont know why its happening? – Hungry for Challange Jun 9 '18 at 12:43
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    Yeah, but how would you use this with a TranslateService, which is probably the most common use case – Kai Schneider Aug 16 '18 at 9:28
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    Works like a charm. thanks for sharing – Taha Zgued Feb 6 at 15:02

Modified solution (with Angular 6) based on accepted answer with @ngx-translate:

  imports: [...],
  providers: [
      provide: MatPaginatorIntl, deps: [TranslateService],
      useFactory: (translateService: TranslateService) => new PaginatorI18n(translateService).getPaginatorIntl()
export class CoreModule {}

And the PaginatorI18n:

import { MatPaginatorIntl } from '@angular/material';
import { TranslateService } from '@ngx-translate/core';

export class PaginatorI18n {

    constructor(private readonly translate: TranslateService) {}

    getPaginatorIntl(): MatPaginatorIntl {
        const paginatorIntl = new MatPaginatorIntl();
        paginatorIntl.itemsPerPageLabel = this.translate.instant('ITEMS_PER_PAGE_LABEL');
        paginatorIntl.nextPageLabel = this.translate.instant('NEXT_PAGE_LABEL');
        paginatorIntl.previousPageLabel = this.translate.instant('PREVIOUS_PAGE_LABEL');
        paginatorIntl.firstPageLabel = this.translate.instant('FIRST_PAGE_LABEL');
        paginatorIntl.lastPageLabel = this.translate.instant('LAST_PAGE_LABEL');
        paginatorIntl.getRangeLabel = this.getRangeLabel.bind(this);
        return paginatorIntl;

    private getRangeLabel(page: number, pageSize: number, length: number): string {
        if (length === 0 || pageSize === 0) {
            return this.translate.instant('RANGE_PAGE_LABEL_1', { length });
        length = Math.max(length, 0);
        const startIndex = page * pageSize;
        // If the start index exceeds the list length, do not try and fix the end index to the end.
        const endIndex = startIndex < length ? Math.min(startIndex + pageSize, length) : startIndex + pageSize;
        return this.translate.instant('RANGE_PAGE_LABEL_2', { startIndex: startIndex + 1, endIndex, length });

and cz.json

    "ITEMS_PER_PAGE_LABEL": "Počet řádků:",
    "NEXT_PAGE_LABEL": "Další stránka",
    "PREVIOUS_PAGE_LABEL": "Předchozí stránka",
    "FIRST_PAGE_LABEL": "První stránka",
    "LAST_PAGE_LABEL": "Poslední stránka",
    "RANGE_PAGE_LABEL_1": "0 z {{length}}",
    "RANGE_PAGE_LABEL_2": "{{startIndex}} - {{endIndex}} z {{length}}"

Configure ngx-translate in app.module.ts:

import { TranslateLoader, TranslateModule, TranslateService } from '@ngx-translate/core';
const httpLoaderFactory = (http: HttpClient) => new TranslateHttpLoader(http, './assets/i18n/', '.json');
  imports: [
      loader: { provide: TranslateLoader, useFactory: httpLoaderFactory, deps: [HttpClient] }
  providers: [{ provide: LOCALE_ID, useValue: 'cs' }],
  bootstrap: [AppComponent]
export class AppModule { }
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    The only solution that propose dynamic translations - which is the way you should want it. This should be the accepted answer. – Michal Stepan Oct 11 '18 at 10:00
  • @MichalStepan I agree, through I tried to make it work on StackBlitz several times, but they're not accepting static assets yet. See github.com/stackblitz/core/issues/577 – Roy Oct 20 '18 at 15:03
  • thanks for the anwere...but where add file cz.json – puntacrm Nov 23 '18 at 8:54
  • @puntanet I have update the answer, see the very bottom. The cz.json is then located under src/assets/i18n. – Felix Nov 23 '18 at 15:12
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    This answer is good but it doesn't update the translations when the language is changed. Instead of returning the object in getPaginatorIntl it is better to make the class extend MatPaginatorIntl and return the object itself. It is also necessary to call this.changes.next() for existing tables to be refreshed. Check out this other post stackoverflow.com/questions/46869616/… – iberbeu Dec 6 '18 at 11:22

For a quick and dirty solution use this.paginator._intl property.

In my ...component.ts I have:

@ViewChild(MatPaginator) paginator: MatPaginator;

ngOnInit() {
  this.paginator._intl.itemsPerPageLabel = 'My translation for items per page.';

PlusMinus posted a dynamic solution on how to translate MatPaginator together with ngx-translate: How to use MatPaginatorIntl?

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