In Angular 4, I want to check for the current url and if it is equal to "/login" I need to submit a specific form. Here is the code:

 let responseString=this.router.url;
 if (responseString.match("/login")==null)

The above code does not submit the form in all cases. There is something wrong with the if condition I guess. Any clues?


For simple string-to-string equality, you can use the === operator.

  • i'm comparing re-entered password with password. but this is always getting failed this.password1 === this.password2 in component.ts. can you please tell the answer. – Lahiru Gamage Oct 10 '18 at 16:44

For a more flexible solution I would do


This way you’re not stuck to the format of the url. It can be a bit more flexible.


use below code for reference

 if ( this.loginForm.value['username'] === this.username && this.loginForm.value['password'] === this.password) {
  alert(' login successfully : ' + JSON.stringify(this.loginForm.value));
} else {
  alert(' enter valid username and password ');

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