Recently I worked on different client side APIs, such as HTTP ReST client, messaging client, and a database client. In each case, the same concerns sprang up, which are the following:

  • Connection pooling
  • Async and non-blocking I/O with clean error handling
  • Request retrying with backoff policy implementation (this is more the case for ReST and messaging)
  • Request batching (this is more the case for databases)

The way I see it, the above concerns can be abstracted from the underlying request in a separate API. Furthermore, due to the complexity of coding the above concerns, it makes sense not to pay the cost multiple times.

Therefore, I would have expected to have a generic client helper API which would permit me to retry and batch any sort of request, all while performing all requests asynchronously. It would be kind of a task executor API, but without the other complexities (such as scheduling, since there is only one task that needs to be executed).

Hence my question, or am I missing something?


I would say to keep them separate. My guess is that you'll find 3rd party solutions for each of these, but I don't know of any libraries that would do all three.

I'm not sure if your programming in Java, but I think the apache project has done a good job at segmenting utilities in their commons-* libraries. You may want to draw some inspiration from there.


  • I'm doing both, C++ and Java client APIs. – Infinity Dec 4 '17 at 10:20

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