Recently when I was code a generic Binary Tree and I needed a method to sum the values of all left subtrees in the tree, this method return an integer value. It is a recursive method, but when a try to sum the root value I couldnt cast T value to int because are incompatible types. I created a child class that extends from Binary Tree with integer type, but in this case i needed create the method in my father class because the recursive call need find the methd in parent class and it is a bit annoying for me. I think that there is a form to avoid that behavior. Is there a way to avoid create the method in my father class?

Binary Tree Class:

public class BinaryTree<T> {

protected T root= null;
protected BinaryTree<T> left= null, right= null;

 //All binary tree here

Integer sumLeft() {
    return 0;

Binary Tree Integer

public class BinaryTreeInteger extends BinaryTree<Integer> {
//All code here

Integer sumLeft() {
    int suma = 0;       
    if (isLeaf()) {            
        return getRaiz();
    if (left != null) {

            if (!left.EsHoja()) {
                suma += left.getRaiz() + left.sumLeft();
            } else {
                suma += left.sumLeft();

    if (right != null && !right.isLeaf()) {

            suma += right.sumLeft();                

    return suma;


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    A generic binary tree cannot sum values, because the values are not numbers. Thinking otherwise will just give you headaches. Rethink what you're trying to do, because you're off-track before you even left the gate. --- Also, walking down the left side of a tree should not be a recursive method. A simple loop can do it, and will not cause stack overflow. – Andreas Dec 2 '17 at 6:12
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    @Anil Was that "agreed" directed at me? I'm not the OP. I don't need any help. – Andreas Dec 2 '17 at 6:15

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