I have an issue with Big decimal variable. I want to divide it, and the problem is that the deviation results is not correct. the variable called bvalue = 405000000 and I want to divide it by 1000000. the problem that I am facing is that the response is 1. and not 405 as expected. I used

bvalue = bvalue.divide(bvalue,1000000,RoundingMode.CEILING); 

how can I divide big decimal correctly? by 1000000 regards

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enter image description here

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You're calling the wrong .divide() function you wanted the following

BigDecimal bvalue = new BigDecimal(405000000);
BigDecimal avalue = new BigDecimal(1000000);
System.out.println(bvalue.divide(avalue, BigDecimal.ROUND_CEILING));

Your question looks almost like a typo to me, because you are dividing a number by itself:

bvalue = bvalue.divide(bvalue, 1000000, RoundingMode.CEILING);
         ^^^           ^^^  numerator = denominator

Hence the quotient of 1 is to be expected.

I think this is what you have in mind:

BigDecimal a = new BigDecimal("405000000");
BigDecimal b = new BigDecimal("1000000");
BigDecimal result = a.divide(b, 2, BigDecimal.ROUND_CEILING);



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