I'm trying to read message from WebSphere MQ, and i keep getting the below exception. Can someone please help me why this exception occurs, and the right way to read a message .

public String readMessage() throws JMSException {

    String message = null;
    Message msg = getJmsTemplate().receive(getGetQueue());
    if (msg instanceof BytesMessage) {
        message = ((BytesMessage) msg).readUTF();
    System.out.println("from readMessage() method" + message);
    return message;

Can someone help me convert the data read by calling recieve() into String.

I can't speak to the exception, but if the message is a TextMessage...

String message = (String) template.receiveAndConvert(queue);

...if it's a BytesMessage...

String message = new String((byte[]) template.receiveAndConvert(queue));

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