I have made 6 commits on a GitHub branch completely online and I need to squash them into 1 commit. Is there a button for me to do this? I've only made the commits on the GitHub website so is there a way to do this without using the command line?


When merging, instead of just clicking the "Merge pull request" button, click the drop down menu and select "Squash and merge" option (second option down):

enter image description here

  • Thanks for your help so far! However I am trying to merge into another repository, not my own. Do you have any idea how to go about this? – Erika Dec 2 '17 at 18:36

It seems you can't merge your commits purely with GitHub (I did a brief search on Google, there seems no introduction with it), but you can squash your commits during merging. In your question says on a GitHub branch completely online, it seems that you are holding a second branch on GitHub. Then, while you are merging that branch to master branch, you are able to decide whether merging these 6 commits into 1.

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