I was wondering if there a class diagram available for Android API on the internet? I think it help you to learn and visualize the system in your head.


Here is a great categorized list of classes in the Android API in both PDF and Visio formats, from Troodon Software: http://gyurigrell.com/2011/1/17/great-android-class-diagram-poster

While it's not a class diagram, it is still quite useful. Maybe I'll get around to creating a proper hierarchical class diagram at some point...


This diagram helped me: http://www.adakoda.com/adakoda/2010/01/20/ASPH_AW_REV1.pdf


It may be kinda old, but you could find a Android classes poster here:



Could you not check out the source code ? Any decent IDE can create a class diagram from the source code. That way you will have both the code and the underlying design.

Of course android is available in Git

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