I have a route method:

@app.route('/add', methods=['GET'])
def add_view():
    return render_template('add.html', categories=api.categories())

Then I tried to display categories as JSON inside template add.html:

{{ categories | json }}

It does not work

  • Please provide more details on what does not work, exactly. Error messages, wrong behaviour description, everything – Andrew Che Dec 2 '17 at 20:00

I find it hard to understand exactly what you're looking for here so I'd like to see more details but here's an answer based on what I think you're asking for (I'll edit this to suit your needs / remove this comment entirely if things change).

You're invoking api.categories() and are looking to render this as JSON on your HTML template, yes?

OK what I'd recommend here is to ensure that api.categories() is returning an instance of dict. For example, your api.categories() call should return something like this:

    "testKey1": "testValue1",
    "testKey2": "testValue2"

Now to render this as JSON in your HTML template. You can import the json module in your Flask module using the following import:

import json

Now your return statement in your add_view method will be as follows:

return render_template('add.html', categories=json.dumps(api.categories()))

You can now do something like as follows in your HTML template:


This should render your JSON for you just fine.

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