As in the title, I've created some env in conda like so

conda create -n myenv python=2.7

I'd like a command to run pip install inside the env without doing source activate myenv first. Is this possible? I believe whatever method I use would have to work out the PATH etc.

  • By default, environments are created at /path/to/anaconda/envs/env-name, you can look there. Why do you need to do this? – darthbith Dec 3 '17 at 13:13

Assuming you are using Anaconda in a Bash shell environment, one option would be to add the Anaconda bin path for your created virtual environment to your PATH variable in such an order that the pip binary in your virtual environment comes before the system pip.

If your Anaconda virtual environment is located in the default .conda directory in your home directory you could do this as follows:

export PATH=~/.conda/envs/myenv/bin:$PATH

If you wanted this to be the default behavior for your shell environment you could add the above command to your ~/.bashrc file.

This method is similar to the approach reccomended for setting the PATH variable to enable you to use the Anaconda binaries for the "root" environment, detailed in the Anaconda documentation.

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