I have a problem in sharepoint designer 2013, when I want to use the “send email” action, in select user window. I have two entries for one user! One in this format: “DomainName\Username”, and one of in this format: “i: 0#.w|DomainName\username”.

Only when I select the second format, send email works correctly! Why does this happen?


When you have a pure SharePoint login functionality, your environment uses "Domain/ User name" format to login in to your system.

When you integrate any third party login i.e configure FBA, SharePoint changes the format of AD users to "i: 0#.w|DomainName\username". Even if you remove your FBA, your login users has same identity further.

"i: 0 #." is used to identify the type of claim you have set up in your environment. You can get more information here.

  • thanks love thakker, if you mean my problem happened because of Configure FBA, I have mentioned problem only in one site collection, although I configure FBA for our farm, other site collections don’t have this problem for user’s authentication! – Ameneh Maleki Dec 10 '17 at 8:52

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