Is there a way to batch convert Collada dae files to Scenekit scn files?

My project uses approx 50 models created in sketchup that are updated regularly, these are exported to DAE but also need to be converted to SCN files for usage in xCode. I know it can be done manually via xCode and "Convert to SceneKit scene file format (scn)" but this take to much manual labour.

Based on I figured out that the scntool is able to convert it via the command line and write the following script:

find ./dae -name "*.dae" | while read f ; do 
inputfilename=$(basename $f)
echo $inputfilename
./scntool --convert $f --format scn --output ./scn/$inputfilename
for file in ./scn/*.dae; do
    mv "$file" "./scn/$(basename "$file" .dae).scn"

@HixField has a good shell script for invoking scntool. Another way to do that is to leverage Xcode's build system, which does the same thing for any .dae files you put in a project's scnassets folder. Even if you're not bundling those files in your app, you can create a dummy Xcode target or project that contains all the assets you want to convert, and it'll convert them all whenever you build the target. (Which you could then integrate into a CI system or other automation.)

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