When I'm trying to parse the input1 string to an integer value it's rising a NumberFormatException.I've tried replacing the spaces if any in the string but it didn't work for me.

int number = 0;
 String input1 = "12345354987"; 
   ip = Integer.parseInt(input1);

  }catch(NumberFormatException e){
        System.out.println("not a number");

Its because the Number in String is out of Integer range, If you really need this than use BigInteger for large values like this :

 String input1 = "12345354"; 
         BigInteger ib =new BigInteger(input1);

or For small values that can fit in Long range you can use :

String input1 = "1234535455"; 
           Long ip = Long.parseLong(input1);
12345354987 > 2,147,483,64

Integer max range is 2,147,483,647 and you are crossing it. You may use Long or BigDecimal for big numbers.


Your number is greater then integer Max value please use long then try parsing.

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