Is it possible to remove the url when you hover on an a element?

This is what I mean:

enter image description here


One option is to use a bit of JavaScript.

Remove the href= attribute from the <a> tag and instead have a onclick=... attribute on the <a> or any other element.

Then in the onclick handler assign to document.location.


It appears you are trying to modify the current url address without changing pages.
Do you have a valid reason for this? As is it non standard it will appear as a malicious attack to a lot of users.

Without further information on what your trying to achieve, I can only say you shouldn't modify the url without changing page. Otherwise using JavaScript you can change the page, and URL without doing a full page change.

If you are trying to use ajax to change a page, and the url, without refreshing you should refer to other stack overflow questions below.


Modify the URL without reloading the page

How to change the current URL in javascript?

Other references.



You cannot turn off the status bar. That's the status bar in Chrome and you have no controls over it


You could however use pointer-events: none; but that would disable the link also.

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