Using Node-git I just want to:

  1. Open a repo (where a file has been written/updated)
  2. Stage the file
  3. Do commit

Using the git cli I would write something like this

cd repo    
git add file.js
git commit -m "Added file.js"

I'm trying to follow the examples here describing how to do it with nodegit but have a hard time following these lines of code:

.then(function() {
  return repo.refreshIndex();
.then(function(indexResult) {
  index = indexResult;
.then(function() {
  // this file is in the root of the directory and doesn't need a full path
  return index.addByPath(fileName);
.then(function() {
  // this file is in a subdirectory and can use a relative path
  return index.addByPath(path.join(directoryName, fileName));
.then(function() {
  // this will write both files to the index
  return index.write();
.then(function() {
  return index.writeTree();
.then(function(oidResult) {
  oid = oidResult;
  return nodegit.Reference.nameToId(repo, "HEAD");
.then(function(head) {
  return repo.getCommit(head);
.then(function(parent) {
  var author = nodegit.Signature.create("Scott Chacon",
    "schacon@gmail.com", 123456789, 60);
  var committer = nodegit.Signature.create("Scott A Chacon",
    "scott@github.com", 987654321, 90);

  return repo.createCommit("HEAD", author, committer, "message", oid, [parent]);
.done(function(commitId) {
  console.log("New Commit: ", commitId);

Does it have to be so long? What are the roles of repo.refreshIndex(), index.write(), index.writeTree() etc. etc.? The API-docs is not so beginner friendly.

Thankful for enlightenment!

  • did you ever figure this out? – Michael Oct 23 '18 at 21:51

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