I am studying for my AWS certificate. I SSH into an Amazon Linux EC2.

When I type man aws or man ec2 I don't get any results.

I have seen the AWS CLI website but I wonder why there aren't man pages for AWS.

  • Not that i know of, it's a separate set of documentation to upkeep, not worth the effort. The CLI is extensively documented and provides help functions – bryan60 Dec 3 '17 at 20:45
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You invoke it through CLI. For example:

$ aws ec2 help

for help on AWS CLI ec2 commands.


NAME ec2 -

DESCRIPTION Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) provides resizable computing capacity in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. Using Amazon EC2 elim- inates your need to invest in hardware up front, so you can develop and deploy applications faster.


   o accept-reserved-instances-exchange-quote

   o accept-vpc-peering-connection

   o allocate-address

If you want help on subcommands:

$ aws ec2 create-image help

NAME create-image -

DESCRIPTION Creates an Amazon EBS-backed AMI from an Amazon EBS-backed instance that is either running or stopped.

   If you customized your instance with instance store volumes or EBS vol-
   umes  in addition to the root device volume, the new AMI contains block
   device mapping information  for  those  volumes.  When  you  launch  an
   instance  from  this  new AMI, the instance automatically launches with
   those additional volumes.

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