I am trying to add couple of scheduled workers to my rails application. These workers will be crawling different sites in given intervals.

I want to test these workers but not able to do it. I am starting redis and my application. What should I do to see whether my scheduled jobs are working or not?

Here is my crawler class:

class AyedasCrawler
include Sidekiq::Worker

and my sidekiq.yml is:

    cron: '0 * * * * *'   # Runs once per minute
    class: AyedasCrawler

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  • start the sidekiq worker and the scheduler processes by running bundle exec sidekiq or sidekiq from your app root in the command-line.

  • sidekiq-scheduler provides an extension to the Sidekiq web interface that adds a Recurring Jobs page. There are two ways to do this:

    1. In your routes.rb file, just below the require 'sidekiq/web', add require 'sidekiq-scheduler/web'
    2. In your config.ru, just below the require 'sidekiq/web', add

require 'sidekiq-scheduler/web' run Sidekiq::Web

On the browser, goto ==> http://localhost:{port}/sidekiq/recurring-jobs. where {port} is the port your application is running in.

You will see the list of scheduled jobs for your application and some other details about it.

Read more in the official documentation


You need to run Sidekiq process as well.

bundle exec sidekiq

It will start both worker/s and the scheduler


If you wish to test it using rspec, you can to the following:

it 'spawns scheduled workers' do
  Sidekiq::Cron::Job.load_from_hash YAML.load_file('config/sidekiq.yml')[: schedule]
  expect(AyedasCrawler.jobs.size).to be(1)

It loads the YAML configuration, enqueues all the jobs, and asserts if the job has been enqued.

Using this method you can validate if your schedule YAML is correct. It will NOT test CRON syntax and scheduled intervals.

I'm also using https://github.com/philostler/rspec-sidekiq to allow sidekiq testing without jobs actually being executed.

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