I use OMNeT++ and I have this question about .ini files:

Why do we sometimes use * and sometimes we use ** to set parameters of NED modules?

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According to the OMNeT++ Manual (Section 3.6.1)

* means A wildcard for any substring not containing a dot

** means A wildard for any sequence of characters including dots, so it can match multiple path elements

Example: Lets assume you have the following modules: aaa.bbb.value and aaa.ddd.value and ccc.bbb.value

**.value = 0 would address all modules, the path before is not important.

aaa.*.value = 0 would address the value element of aaa.bbb.value and aaa.ddd.value. ccc.bbb.value is not addressed because the wildcard is only for the middle substring of the path, as it contains no dots.

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