How to perform validation with Spring Cloud Stream framework in message listeners using standard Spring annotation based validation?

Tried different cases, with @Valid @Payloadfor incoming object, tried method validation post processor with @Validated on entity, but it didn't help.

public void handleLikeMessage(@Valid @Payload LikeInputDto like) {...


public MethodValidationPostProcessor methodValidationPostProcessor() {
    return new MethodValidationPostProcessor();

The best approach for now is just using of custom service for validation, but it looks not as wanted..

public class LikeStreamHandler {

    private MediaEventMessagingService mediaEventMessagingService;
    private ValidationService validationService;

    public void handleLikeMessage(LikeInputDto like) {

        log.debug("Handling LIKE message: {}", like);

This is a new Feature of Spring Cloud Stream v2.1.0: Issue on GitHub: "Add (javax.)Validation Support for Stream Listener"

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