I'm currently trying to insert JSON data into a MySQLi database using the query below. However, as soon as I try to view the data through PHPMyAdmin or through my own CMS it has been, for lack of a better term, 'HTML encoded'.

INSERT INTO `AdditionalInformationStructures`(`ID`, `CompanyID`, `ReleventObject`, `Name`, `DefaultValue`,`DataType`,`SelectValues`,`IgnoredValues`,`IncludeNew`,`ListType`) VALUES (DEFAULT,'13','Quote','Test','','SELECT','[{\"Name\":\"James\",\"ID\":\"13\"},{\"Name\":\"Chris\",\"ID\":\"35\"},{\"Name\":\"Gil\",\"ID\":\"20\"},{\"Name\":\"Sam Brown\",\"ID\":\"24\"}]','[{\"Name\":\"Ant\",\"ID\":\"29\"},{\"Name\":\"David Smith\",\"ID\":\"28\"},{\"Name\":\"Aaron\",\"ID\":\"34\"}]','0','users')

Below is the data from 'SelectValues' and 'IgnoredValues'



This is view straight after I have inserted it into the database through PHPMyAdmin. When I click the 'Browse' button again to refresh the screen it then changes to the following:



This continues to happen every time I view the data whether it is through PHPMyAdmin or through a 'SELECT' query.

  • The "25252525..." string suggests that the '%' character is getting bamboozled. I'd start by looking directly at the database (by logging in with mysql and running direct select statements) after a web-app insert. That should help you figure out whether to look at the "input" side or the "output" side. – Dave M. Dec 5 '17 at 2:24

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