I'm creating a simple slideshow using swiper.js.

My config looks like this:

var mySwiper = new Swiper( '#swiper-container',
                                   autoplay: {
                                       delay : 400000
                                   loop: true,
                                   speed: 2800,
                                   grabCursor : true


This pretty much works... except that the 'delay' parameter gets ignored.

I've also tried putting the 'delay' parameter outside of the autoplay object, like this:


ar mySwiper = new Swiper( '#swiper-container',
                                   autoplay: true,
                                   delay: 4000,
                                   loop: true,
                                   speed: 2800,
                                   grabCursor : true



This doesn't help. The delay value is ignored.

What could be happening here?

  • Your first example should be initializing correctly. Are you sure that #swiper-container is present in the HTML? Feb 19, 2020 at 11:28

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The way you wrote it should work, according to Swiper official documentation. But you can also try to set the delay as the autoplay value, it should do the trick:

var mySwiper = new Swiper( '#swiper-container', {
    autoplay: 4000,
    loop: true,
    speed: 2800,
    grabCursor : true

The code above has been tested with the current Swiper version (4.1.0).


autoplay : 4000 // works for 3.x.x version

autoplay : false or { delay:4000, ....} // works for 4.x.x versions

full details are on github docs

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    Nov 12, 2019 at 14:44

Autoplay takes a boolean value, that's not an option Instead, I've found a working option. It's pretty clear in documentation

So you just have to add this parameter to your div class="swiper-slide" and it'll work:



this is useful information, and it works. thank you. for 3.x.x version. I add below like this.

autoplay : 4000,
speed: 300,

Don't forget to import it.

import Swiper, {Navigation, Pagination, Autoplay} from 'swiper';

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