I have this data from the database 12345123412 but in my page I need to display it as 12345-1234-12. Any ideas on how to handle this? I'm trying to do the .split()

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    Is it always in the pattern of 5 digits- 4digits-2 digits? – Varun Dec 5 '17 at 3:44
  • @Varun Yes it will always be – kevin_marcus Dec 5 '17 at 3:47

Assuming the string is always going to be formatted the exact same way, there's no reason to use jQuery for this:

var str = '12345123412';

var formatted = str.slice(0, 5) + '-' + str.slice(5, 9) + '-' + str.slice(9);
  //=> 12345-1234-12

There so many ways to do this but you can use a simple function to convert a number to a dass separated number as follows.

 //This function returns the result as per your question.
 function commaSeparateNumber(val){   
    var regex =new  RegExp("(\\d{5})(\\d+)");
    var valEdit = val.toString().replace(regex, '$1'+'-');
    var valleft = val.toString().replace(regex, '$2');
    var regex =new  RegExp("(\\d{4})(\\d+)");
    val = valleft.toString().replace(regex, '$1'+'-'+'$2');    
    return valEdit+val;

//This function work for change at every 4 digit insertion
function commaSeparateNumber(val){
    while (/(\d{4})(\d+)/.test(val.toString())){
      val = val.toString().replace(/(\d{4})(\d+)/, '$1'+'-'+'$2');
    return val;

Simplified approach...with jquery..

Get 3 substrings then format..

Var id = 12345123412
Function getId(id){     
    Var sub1 =id.substring(0,5);
    Var sub2 =id.substring(5,9);
    Var sub3 =id.substring(9,11);
    Var id = sub1 +"-"+sub2+"-"+sub3;
    Return id;


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