I need your help, I am trying to create a backup file on mikrotik, but it always fail to create a backup can you help me please?

/system backup save name=([/system identity get name]"_"[/system clock get date]"log")

Format should be Hostname_MonthDaybackup.backup. For example Mikrotik_1205Log.backup

Can you help me please? Thank you.


  • Why are you putting them in parenthesis "(" ?
    – Arash
    Dec 6, 2017 at 8:09
  • @arash: because () is the string concatenation operator Dec 6, 2017 at 8:29

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Export fails because the "date" part contains / ("dec/06/2017"), which I think is not allowed in file names. You have to extract day and month with the :pick command.

:local name [/system identity get name];
:local date [/system clock get date];
:local day [ :pick $date 4 6 ]
:local month [ :pick $date 0 3 ]
:local backupName ($name."_".$day."-".$month."_log");
:put $backupName

/system backup save name=$backupName

And by the way I would not use the "backup" command, rather use the "export" command which is more portable (but doesn't save certificates and passwords).


and you can easily backup configuration of mikrotik by winbox -> files section then copy backup file to your system by drag & drop . and you can show history of older backup files. or restore any of backup files


Script backup:

ps: Email settings ok

1) Create in System>Scripts Name : backup-script

:log info "Mikrotik Backup JOB Started . . . By Md. Admin"
:global backupfile configbackup
:log info "Deleting old Backup File If available otherwise ignore & process further . . . "
/system backup save name=$backupfile
:log info "Backup process pausing for 10s so it complete creating backup file"
:delay 10s
:log info "Start Sending Backup File via Email using GMAIL SMTP . . ."
tool e-mail
send to=youremail@yourdomain subject=([/system clock get date] . \ "Mikrotik Backup") body="Backup Mikrotik" start-tls=no file=$backupfile
:delay 40s
:log info "Backup Finished"
:log info "Deleting Backup File. All Done. Allah Hafiz"
/file remove $backupfile

2) Create System> Scheduler

Name= Backup MK Start Date= Dec/05/2017 Start time= 08:00:00 Interval= 1d 00:00:00

On event: system script run backup-script

  • Can you provide more details about your solution?
    – Nico Haase
    Dec 12, 2017 at 14:33

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