I have been trying to change the replication factor from "3" to "2". but failed. Here the steps :

  1. First I check the replication factor from Ambari server. it is "3".
  2. Then i go to shell and check the replication factor by wrote the commands :

    `"cd /etc/hadoop/conf"` :
    "View hdfs-site.xml" 

replication factor is "3" also here.

  1. Then i go to Ambari server and Change the replication factor from "3" to "2" and final it by click the "Lock" button and then Save.
  2. and then i have restart the all services.

After these steps Ambari server UI show me replication factor "2" . But when I go to shell and write the command :

"View hdfs-site.xml" 

it show me replication factor still "3" . What thing I did wrong ?

NOTE : I am using Amazon Machine for practicing. Host Detail : HiveServer,NameNode,Node2,Resource Manager Thanks

  • I would write a file to HDFS and check its replication factor to confirm its still 3. – Binary Nerd Dec 6 '17 at 7:26

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