I have route defined as below :

<Route path='/result/:searchTerm' component={Result}/>

It works fine. For example localhost:3000/result/cat page works. But when the user decided to remove the :searchTerm from the URL and opens just localhost:3000/result/ it shows empty page. No errors or anything. Just empty page. It is not even hitting my component {Result} too.

So my doubt is how to handle this scenario.? Say I want to redirect the user who tries to open /result/ without :searchTerms to my index page.? How to do that.?


I believe you can just add a question mark for an optional parameter, so:

<Route path='/result/:searchTerm?' component={Result} />

This works because React Router 4 uses path-to-regexp to interpret its path property.

To answer the last part of your question, you could simply test the value of :searchTerm and if it was undefined, redirect the user.


If you want to redirect the user to another page if the param is not added, you would do the following

   <Redirect from='/result/' to='/' exact />
   <Route path='/result/:searchTerm' component={Result}/>

However if you wish to show the same page then without the params too, you could just use optional path params. Check this answer for more details: How to make path param to be optional in react router dom(v4)?

  • Tried this. Not working. I mean '/result/cat' also gets redirected to '/' – Jithesh Kt Dec 6 '17 at 6:52
  • Updated the answer, should be exact instead of strict – Shubham Khatri Dec 6 '17 at 6:56
  • 1
    BTW if you're curious, quite a few people think exact should be the default, but it's contentious. – Rich Churcher Dec 6 '17 at 7:01

Switch is a component used to render routes exclusively. So, in general, at the end of children inside Switch, you can provide a default route (in your case the index page) for any path that you don't explicitly specify in other routes.


          <Route exact path='/'
            component={()=>(<Redirect to='/index'/>)}/>
          <Route exact path='/index' component={Index}/>
          <Route path='/result/:searchTerm' component={Result}/>
          // default route, gets rendered if none of the above match:
          <Route component={NotFound404}/>

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