Getting my content saved.

I want my content saved or written without using the escape button. I'm worried as my data will not be saved.


Try Ctrl+[, which is equivalent to Escape in most terminals.


<C-c> and <C-[> can both be used instead of <Esc>.


"Easy mode" / 'insertmode'

You can use <c-l> to get to normal mode in case you accidentally set 'insertmode'.

<c-]> / <c-c>

Just as @hobbs and @romainl said, you can always use <c-]> (preferred) / <c-c> to exit to normal mode. <c-]> is the same terminal sequence as <esc>, but <c-c> will exit to normal mode but will also not execute InsertLeave.


<c-o> will put you in normal mode for 1 command then re-enter insert mode.


Pretty much will exit to normal mode from any other mode except Ex-mode. It will even exit form Terminal-mode, but only for 1 command.

For more help see:

:h 'insertmode'
:h i_CTRL-L
:h i_CTRL-O

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