When I requesting a CXTansaction in CXStratCallAction it showing the error message as "Error Domain=com.apple.CallKit.error.requesttransaction Code=1 "(null)" ". Can anyone explain this Error message.


From the header <CallKit/CXError.h>:

typedef NS_ERROR_ENUM(CXErrorDomainRequestTransaction, CXErrorCodeRequestTransactionError) {
    CXErrorCodeRequestTransactionErrorUnentitled = 1,
} API_AVAILABLE(ios(10.0));

So error code 1 corresponds to CXErrorCodeRequestTransactionErrorUnentitled.

This error is usually returned when an app lacks the voip iOS App Background Mode. To fix this, open Xcode's Capabilities tab for the app target and enable the "VoIP" background mode, or add 'voip' to the UIBackgroundModes array within the app's Info.plist.

(I have filed a request in Apple's bug tracker to mention this in the documentation, Radar 35903988.)

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The app isn’t entitled to perform the actions in the requested transaction.

Refer the link for error codes

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