I have URL like base_url()/controller/rowtitle-rowid.

Where this URL is manipulated using function and arranged according to row in database.

As mentioned above I need to change whole URL when I am changing rowid in the URL, that means it should rewrite to particular id of row in database.

For example:

Consider following URLs

  1. https://www.marketsandmarkets.com/Market-Reports/medical-device-testing-market-254474064.html


if I change bold numbers in number 2 URL to bold numbers in number 1 URL then it will rewrite the URL to URL number 1 and redirect to URL number 1

Can this possible?

Thanks in advance.


Your say you are modifying the rowid which I assume are the numbers you are bolding in your 1,2 statements, and at the same time you want to redirect to a different slug and rowid which is the dashed statement before the rowid at the end of the url e.g. some-page-name.

I'm not sure what the rowid has to do with anything, perhaps it's just a random int to make sure you don't have duplicate slugs, but it isn't strictly required as long as you increment your titles if you have duplicates like some-page-name and some-page-name-1.

In PHP and codeigniter what you are trying to do is indeed possible as long as you keep a database with all the iterations of the slug. Then in your Market-Reports controller you just look for the most recent iteration of the slug and serve that as a link to the user. Or if the user is coming from a search engine, on the say Market-Reports single page controller to timing-relay-market-241993160 you query the database where rowid = 'someid' and order by created or something and then redirect the user to that slug which would be medical-device-testing-market-254474064.

Further if your database table for keeping track of slugs has the following rows rowid, rowtitle, fullslug you could literally just use intval() to get the rowid from the fullslug and do the same type of thing as I just outlined in the previous paragraph.

NOTE: You cannot do this with static HTML pages. I am assuming since you tagged PHP and codeigniter you are using php and controllers.

  • Hi @alex thank you for your response, but it is not cleared to me when you say rowid is just a random number whereas rowid is primary key for that row in the table. According to this rowid I need to change whole URL as www/base_url/controller/rowtitle1-rowid1 . – Aniket Jagtap Dec 7 '17 at 6:31

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