I have two SAS datasets with (assume for simplicity) one char variable in each. The first dataset has a variable with company description (sometimes including city, sometimes not; a messy field) and a second dataset has a variable, where all cities are listed. I need to create variable in a first dataset saying, if any of the cities from 2nd dataset was found or not and the outcome should not contain just 0 or 1 answers, but the city itself. Is there an easy way to do it without looping INDEXW (or similar) functions?

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What's wrong with indexw? Using proc sql and indexw allows a pretty straightforward solution.

Sample data:

data have_messy;
  length messy $100;
  messy = 'this is a city name: brisbane' ; output;
  messy = 'this is a city name: sydney'   ; output;
  messy = 'this is a city name: melbourne'; output;

data have_city;
  length city $20;
  city = 'sydney'  ; output;
  city = 'brisbane'; output;

Example query:

proc sql noprint;
  create table want as
  select a.*,
  from have_messy a
  left join have_city  b on indexw(a.messy, b.city)


messy                               city 
===============================     =========
this is a city name: sydney         sydney 
this is a city name: brisbane       brisbane 
this is a city name: melbourne   

Be careful - the above query can return multiple results per row in table a if multiple city names are found. I suggest you run a follow up step to handle any duplicate rows depending on your requirements.

  • Nothing wrong! Just didnt realise I can use that function in join... Learnt a lot today. Thanks! – VR6 Dec 6 '17 at 16:48

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