Apologies I have no coding experience.

This line of code is resisting my report from exporting all product_types. Is it possible to change this to product_type="ALL" or product_type='configurable','other'?

    <xsl:if test="(product_type='configurable')">

I've obviously tried to make the changes above but they don't work.



<xsl:if test="true()">


<xsl:if test="false()">

Multiple cases (XSLT 1.0):

<xsl:if test="(product_type = 'configurable') or (product_type = 'other')">

Multiple cases (XSLT 2.0+):

<xsl:if test="product_type = ('configurable', 'other')">

Defined, regardless of value:

<xsl:if test="product_type">
  • Wow thank you, this worked! – L Neeson Dec 7 '17 at 18:29

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