I have asp.net core 1.1.0 project and trying the model of CodeCamp sample. In this we a controller which return Lookup data as below :

public class BreezeController : ApiController


public object Lookups()
    var rooms = _repository.Rooms;
    var tracks = _repository.Tracks;
    var timeslots = _repository.TimeSlots;
    return new { rooms, tracks, timeslots };

And the above Lookups is called in dataContext.js as below:

function getLookups() {
    return EntityQuery.from('Lookups')
        .to$q(querySucceeded, _queryFailed);

    function querySucceeded(data) {
        log('Retrieved [Lookups]', data, true);
        return true;

Now, I am trying to follow same as above in my project its giving me error as below :

Get http://Localhost:12345//breeze/demo/Lookups 500(Internal server error) Uncaught (in promise)

Error: Unable to convert this endpoint to an IQueryable

Any solution to above issue...its working fine in John Papa's Code camper project. My web api lookups code is working fine if I run it in browser but not with breezejs.

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