clang-format is breaking up my lines at 80 columns. Is there a way to make stop breaking lines? The documentation doesn't seem to address this.


The configuration option responsible for it is called ColumnLimit. You can remove the column limit by setting it to 0.

ColumnLimit: 0
  • It doesn't work. It's set to 0 by default but is still breaking up lines at 80 width. – Hasen May 14 at 4:33
  • The default value is 80 because clang-format uses predefined LLVM style by default. clang-format --dump-config | grep ColumnLimit ColumnLimit: 80 – Paweł Bylica May 14 at 7:47
  • No I just installed it on vscode and it was set to 0 by default. Leastways changing it to 0 doesn't fix anything so your solution doesn't work. I even tried rebooting vscode but at 0 it still splits every line at 80 characters. – Hasen May 16 at 3:04

Find ColumnLimit (under "Configurable Format Style Options" heading) on that page and you'll find the following statement:

ColumnLimit (unsigned)

The column limit.

A column limit of 0 means that there is no column limit. In this case, clang-format will respect the input’s line breaking decisions within statements unless they contradict other rules.

Source: Clang-Format Docs (v4.0.0, latest). Italics added for emphasis.

So, just like the docs say, set...

ColumnLimit: 0

... and you should be set.

  • It doesn't work. It's set to 0 by default but is still breaking up lines at 80 width. – Hasen May 14 at 4:34

I had the same issue too - I am using the C++ extension in VSCode and setting ColumnLimit: 0 still wrapped at 80. I worked around this by setting ColumnLimit to a large number; I set ColumnLimit: 200 and it works great.

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