i'm new to vue, I encountered this problem, say I have dozen popup that contains heavy contents that is actually only needed upon request. I realized my previous approach is wrong (I tried vue-router to render the content, but it was not effective since the content under the popup would change everytime i push to new route). I tried named views, but I still think its wrong. Now my question is, how about I put it inside as a modal compoent? Will it only be rendered upon show? Or will it be rendered at once I attached it to the components regardless if its showing or not? How can I make it only render, say after a user click a button?

export default {
name: ‘app’,
components: {Modal1,Modal2,Modal3,Modal4}, <-- are all this will be rendered?

Btw, I'm using webpacks. Also, I'm new to SPA development so I'm not sure if i'm grasping the concept of rendering correctly... I just want to make sure the page would be rendered first and load without waiting for each modal to finish rendering... Also it must be accessible from any router-view inside the app.

EDIT: Upon further research, I think I can do it with dynamic components. I think i'm on the right track now, i just need help finding the right guide out ther.

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hi since you mentioned you are using webpack the right approach will be to make use of the "lazy load" & "code splitting" feature. something specific to vue can be found here

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