Is there a simple way to capture the Response times for the requests and responses in a PostMan script?

I am trying to do the following by creating a Collection and then in the Tests, writing the following script to capture and put the value in an Environment variable:

postman.setEnvironmentVariable("MyURLRequest", (responseTime));

This provides me the value in the Environment variable, but I need to specifically go there everytime to check the time.

The other way I have tried is to use the 'Runner' on the collection and get the response times from the "totalRequestTime" value in the exported results. But as I am running ~50 requests, it becomes hard to capture the same for each individual request.

Has anyone tried this earlier and been able to get a better way to capture and export a response time value for each request sent out?

  • Not sure if this helps you or not, but if you want to record performance stats from an execution of a Postman collection, we have a performance test/load test tool called k6 which reports lots of performance stats and for which there is a Postman-to-k6 converter available. – Ragnar Dec 9 '17 at 18:07

You could use the built-in pm.response.responseTime function to get the times.

Add it to a console.log(pm.response.responseTime) in a test, to try it out or assign this to an env/global variable.

You could even (it's a little bit over kill though) do this:

Response Times

If you didn't want it in each test, this could be added to the collection. On the latest version, press edit on the collection to see the options.

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