What is the way to totally uninstall Visual Studio code and it's extensions (including all configurations etc.) In windows 10 I tried uninstall and install but it remembered it's previous setting Ilan

  1. Open Run (Win + R)

  2. Enter %appdata%

  3. Press Enter

  4. Delete the folder Code.

Voila! Restart Visual Studio Code and it is reset!

Here is a bat script to do the same explorer.exe %appdata% del Code

  • Create the bat file using notepad, give it a name and save it, it would work. – Trishant Pahwa Feb 5 at 9:00

Turns out the extensions are stored under %USER%.vscode\extensions. Deleting that gets rid of them. %USER%\\.vscode\extensions (or) %USERPROFILE%\.vscode\extensions


Go to Path: C:\Program Files\Microsoft VS Code

Double Click uninstall.exe

This will uninstall VS Code from Your Windows OS and

After uninstallation delete code folder also.

Open Run (Win + R) and Enter %appdata% Press Enter

Delete the folder code.


Easy way to remove it

Step1: to find VSCode path
Example: C:\Users\Willie\AppData\Local\Programs\Microsoft VS Code

enter image description here

Step2: to run unins000.exe

enter image description here

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