So I have an .xls file which I am able to open with Excel and also with Notepad (can see the numbers along with some other text) but I cannot read the file using pandas module.

df = pd.read_excel(r'"R:\Project\Projects\429 - Buchner Höhe\Analysis Data\scada\20171101.xls"',parse_dates=[[0,1,2,3]]) 

The error which pops up is as follows:

XLRDError: Unsupported format, or corrupt file: Expected BOF record; found b'\x03\x11\x0b\x02 \x01\x00\x00'

I tried renaming the file to .xlsx using os.rename, it still does not work.


It is quite likely the file was already a csv file--not an xls or xlsx, renamed through the file system, rather than an actual Excel format file. This is the error generated when you attempt to open a csv with xlrd.

The indicator that this is the case is you can open it with Notepad.

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