My project includes several targets, each target is used for different customer. Some customers need specific localization and I don't want all the customers to get this specific localization. Since localization is handled on the project level I didn't found a way to add localization only for specific target. Any suggestions how to do it?

Looking for stable option without the need to delete unused localization before each build.

Create a separate "Localizeable.strings" for each target.

link the correct strings files with each "group" of strings.

Then set it in the Build Phases for each target the correct "strings" like this:

Setting Localizable resource for target

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I manage to solve it with @Yitzchak answer + additional changes:

  • In project level add the desired language.
  • Remove original localizable file from the target.
  • Create new Localizable.strings / InfoPlist.strings and add it to the target.
  • Select only the relevant languages in "localization" option (see the image below)

enter image description here

enter image description here

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