I was wondering if it is possible to split a variable in to multiple variables. I have a big variable I would like to split into multiple columns.

"0060175052";"Three Chords and the Truth: Hope, Heartbreak, and Changing Fortunes in Nashville";"Laurence Leamer";"1997","Harpercollins"

I would like to split it where the semicolons are. So:

v1 = "0060175052"
v2 = "Three Chords and the Truth: Hope, Heartbreak, and Changing Fortunes in 
v3 = "Laurence Leamer"
v4 = "1997"
v5 = "Harpercollins"
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How you split the value depends on where it is coming from.

Reading a data file

For the case of reading a text file with an INPUT statement you indicate the delimiter in the INFILE statement, for example:

INFILE *input-file* DSD DLM=';';

Parsing a data value

For the case of a variable in an existing data set the SCAN function can extract different parts of a string.

v1 = SCAN (big_variable, 1, ';');
v5 = SCAN (big_variable, 5, ';');

If the big variable values can contain consecutive semi-colons that indicate a blank value you will need to use the M modifier in the modifiers argument. For example:

v1 = SCAN (big_variable, 1, ';', 'M');

For only five parts you probably don't need to array-ify the process. If the string has many parts to split, an array would by used to reduce coding repetition:

attrib v1-v20 length=$200;
array v v1-v20;
do index = 1 to dim(v);
  v(index) = SCAN (big_variable, index, ';');

More advanced scanning techniques would use Perl regular expressions as surfaced by the SAS PRX* call routines and functions -- such as PRXPARSE, PRXMATCH, PRXNEXT, etc...

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