So I have a load of scripts which use ec2-api-tools. Our infosec people have identified an issue in one of the included libraries, that comes with it. So I've gone on the hunt for a current updated version.

However, it seems that the version I have, dated 2015, is the most current version. If I search aws for ec2-api-tools, it directs me to aws-cli which is something different.

Has anyone else noticed this? What happened to ec2-api-tools? Has anyone documented what needs to be done to change scripts that use the old form (ie ec2-describe-images <options>), to use the new form (aws ec2 describe-images <options)? From what I can see, the new form expects you to run aws configure to setup things like region and secrets. However I want to pass those things on the command line. Is this something others have done? Can I simply use the same old parameters on the new aws command?


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