On a CentOS Linux box, when I run the following:


I get that vg_name-1v_root is at 100%.

Filesystem                      Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on
/dev/mapper/vg_name-lv_root     12G   12G     0 100% /

When I drill down to /dev/mapper it looks like this vg_name-1v_root is a soft link to ../dm-0.

However i'm not able to get into vg_name-1v_root or the ../dm-0 directories.

I am able to run lsblk, vgs and lvs to view the volume, but cannot enter it or view the contents.

I've spent some time googling and searching Stack Overflow. How can I delete or even view what's in the directory /dev/mapper/vg_name-1v_root?

Many thanks in advance.

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You're looking at the wrong column in the df output. That's a device, not a directory. In the Mounted on column, you see that the device is mounted on /, the root directory. It contains all of the files that aren't under any other mount point - your /bin, your /etc, your /lib, and depending on your setup, maybe your /usr, /tmp, /home... anything at the top level that you don't see listed separately in the output of df or mount.

To find out what's taking up space on that filesystem, you can run du from the root directory, using the -x option to prevent it from crossing into other filesystems.

cd /
du -x

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