Deployed Spring MVC based java application(restful services & frontend is angularJS) in Azure app service. we are storing files in azure blob storage.
when we try to download files ~5mb or more, some times downloading successfully and sometimes not. In browser network tab it is downloading some data and stops downloading and after some time its failing(failed situations).
Searched google and tried applicationHost.xdt and web.config files. but no use of them. In applicationHost.xdt i placed

    <webLimits xdt:Transform="SetAttributes(connectionTimeout)" connectionTimeout="00:15:00"/>

in web.config file:

<httpPlatform requestTimeout ="00:15:00"/>

getting (url)net::ERR_CONNECTION_RESET in browser console.
i thought this is timeout issue. Any way to solve this issue?.Please help me

  • applicationHost.xdt and web.config are for Microsoft IIS. You should clarify which application server (Tomcat or Jetty) you are using on Azure, and include the code that cause the problem. – Aaron Chen Dec 8 '17 at 10:02

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