I am implementing the INotifyPropertyChanged Interface on my EF POCOs. I am using newtonsoft to serialize my models to JSON. Currently my object is using [JsonProperty] attributes to tell newtonsoft what to serialize. When I implement this interface I will have properties with private backing fields. Do I place the [JsonProperty] attribute on the properties or on the backing fields?

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    I would prefer the properties, but you don't need to use any attributes. The serializer will figure it out for you if your naming reasonable. Also, that sounds like a lot of behavior for a POCO... – Aluan Haddad Dec 7 '17 at 22:38
  • The attributes are needed since the Original property setters are private, but there are other issues preventing me from moving forward anyways, but thanks for your comment – Cody Wright Dec 8 '17 at 0:07

I would put it on the property personally. In my example i have an Order POCO with a list LineItems that hangs off of it.

[JsonProperty(TypeNameHandling = TypeNameHandling.Objects)]
public List<LineItem> LineItems { get; set; }
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