I have 2 columns that I have summed up from an analysis and would like to use a barplot to compare them against each other but my code isn't working and I feel like its a dumb error. My columns simply have 1 or NA for values. So I summed them and want to take the 2 columns and compare. I can do the formatting of the graph, just getting it to display.


Keenum_total <- sum(Vikings_dataset$Keenum, na.rm = TRUE)

Bridgewater_total <- sum(Vikings_dataset$Bridgewater, na.rm = TRUE)

Quarterback_totals <- table(Keenum_total, Bridgewater_total)

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You don't need the table() line before making the barplot, since by summing each column you have aggregated them to the level they need to be at for barplot().

Here's an example you can use with the (built-in) iris dataset:

sepal_length_total <- sum(iris$Sepal.Length, na.rm=TRUE)
sepal_width_total <- sum(iris$Sepal.Width, na.rm=TRUE)

barplot(c(sepal_length_total, sepal_width_total))

If you want to display the name by each bar, you can use a named vector inside of barplot(), as in:

barplot(c(sepal_length=sepal_length_total, sepal_width=sepal_width_total))
  • Perfect! I was missing the c() – J. McCraiton Dec 7 '17 at 23:09

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