What I'm trying to achieve is to find a way to verify if a URL already exists in a MongoDB document, without saving the URL twice, one with HTTP(s)(www) protocol, and other clean of HTTP(s)(www) to perform the match. For example, if the MongoDB document contains a record:

'url': "http://mysite.co?search=pattern&co=43"

So, I want to perform a search:

MyCollection.find({'url': "mysite.co?search=pattern&co=43"})...
MyCollection.find({'url': "http://mysite.co?search=pattern&co=43"})...
MyCollection.find({'url': "https://mysite.co?search=pattern&co=43"})...
MyCollection.find({'url': "http://www.mysite.co?search=pattern&co=43"})...
MyCollection.find({'url': "https://www.mysite.co?search=pattern&co=43"})...

The search should match with the URL actually saved in the document.

I'm trying to use the following regex:

MyCollection.find({'url': new RegExp('^https?:\/\/(www.)?(' + 'mysite.co?search=pattern&co=43' + ')+$', 'gim')})...

However, I'm not very clever creating regex expressions, and I still struggle with it. Seems that the question mark in the URL breaks the regex, and I'm not pretty sure if just using a replace from '?' to '\?' is the right way to go.

The search must match 'exactly' the URL in the DB, except for the HTTP(s)(www) protocol. I mean, if the URL in the document contains other params:

'url': "http://mysite.co?search=pattern&co=43&other=more_params"

The search should not be matched this time.

I'm using Mongoose and nodejs.

Thanks in advance.


Based on your answers, I have improved a little bit the regex and scaping for the URL:

First, a function to trim and 'clean' the URL of HTTP(s) or (www):

String.prototype.url_clean = function() {
    return this.trim().replace(/^(http(s|):\/\/)?(www\.|)/g, '');

And a function to escape the URL:

RegExp.escape = function(s) {
    return s.replace(/[-[\]{}()*+!<=:?.\/\\^$|#\s,]/g, '\\$&');

So I can perform the search:

MyCollection.find({'url': new RegExp('^(http(s|):\/\/)?(www\.|)(' + RegExp.escape(url.url_clean()) + ')(|\s)+$', "gim")})
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the problem is you must escape specific elements of a url from the regex (such as '?') /^http(s|):\/\/(www\.|)mysite\.co\?search=pattern&co=43/

Instead i would write a script that pulled all the records, split them into individual fields, save the new document. Query on those new fields instead of using regex

It looks fine you just forgot to escape some characters:

    "url": new RegExp('^https?:\/\/(www.)?(' + 'mysite\.co\\?search=pattern&co=43' + ')+$', 'gim')

More on regex in MongoDB you can read here

  • Thanks a lot, your answer help me to make sure that I was in the right way. However, @d3l33t answered first. – esneyderp Dec 8 '17 at 1:29

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