I've got these blocks of codes

<div fxLayout="row" fxLayoutGap="1em" fxLayout.lt-md="column" fxLayoutWrap>
    <div *ngFor="let post of posts; let i=index" >
         <div *ngIf = "i%3===0" fxFlex="90%" fxFlex.lt-md="100%">
             <!--Some code-->
         <div *ngIf = "!(i%3===0)" fxFlex="40%" fxFlex.lt-md="100%">
             <!--Some other code-->

I want the stuff to be on the same row when I use fxFlex="40%" However, they appear on different rows

  • You need fxFlex="40%" fxFlex.lt-md="100%" in the same div as the ngFor, not the child. – Z. Bagley Dec 8 '17 at 1:06
  • What version of flex-layout are you using? I only discovered the same problem when upgraded my project to 6.0.0-beta.16 – Uliana Pavelko Jun 20 at 17:34
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fxLayoutWrap has been removed. You can use fxLayout options.

<div  fxLayout="row wrap"> ... </div>

flex-layout 6.0.0-beta.16, since fxLayoutWrap directive has been deprecated in this version

<div fxLayout="column" fxLayoutAlign=" none">
  <div fxFlex="100" fxLayout="row wrap" fxLayoutAlign="space-around stretch" fxLayout.xs="column">
    <div *ngFor="let item of items | async" fxFlex.xs="100" fxFlex.sm="50" fxFlex.md="33" fxFlex.lg="33" fxFlex.xl="33">
  • Had no problems with fxLayoutWrap in previous versions of flex-layout – Uliana Pavelko Jun 20 at 18:06

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