I have a criteria object for which some attributes can be null, if I don't do anything the query string include those like &p=undefined which is not desirable since at the WebApi these come as"null" instead of null So given this in the Angular client

      return this._http
          .get<ExposureDifference[]>(AppSettings.ExposureRunDataQueryString, {params : <any>criteria, withCredentials: true}) 
          .catch<any, ExposureDifference[]>(this._trace.handleError("GET " + AppSettings.ExposureRunDataQueryString + criteria, []))
          .finally(() => this.isLoading = false);

I could get the query string as


Is there a way to exclude the undefined parameters from the query string?

  • You may also want to keep an eye on this thread: github.com/angular/angular/issues/20564 Many users complained about this behavior of Angular2 given the fact that it didn't to behave like this (null/undefined values where being completely omitted from the query string). – XDS Oct 31 '18 at 10:39

You should filter them client side using JavaScript's delete (MDN) keyword if they have a value of undefined (which is different than the key not being in the object at all):

if (queryObject.secsymb === undefined) {
  delete queryObject.secsymb;

and then use a default method parameter in your controller method:

GetExposureRunsData(int id, string fund, SecType sectype, string secsymb = null)

If you ensure that the query string parameter is not included then your parameter will default to null

  • Hi @Alex M The undefined attribute was not deleted, typescript set it to null instead of undefined and the WebApi got it as "null" so the problem was not solved – Anand Dec 8 '17 at 5:14

You can try this:

this.httpClient.get('../api/path', { 
  params: Object.entries(queryParameterObject).reduce((queryParams, [key, value]) => queryParams.set(key, value), new HttpParams());

It worked for me.

  • 1
    I am getting params as "null" with the above code - so this solution does not work for me. – Anand Dec 19 '17 at 21:59
  • It looks like you are converting your parameters into a string before calling this. If you need to convert them into string, you can do that in queryParams.set(key, value) instead and pass the correct value of the parameters as input. – Shefali Agarwal Dec 20 '17 at 4:31

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