I am about to release my App, just waiting for my Apple Developer to come in.

Can I decide the countries where my app will be available to download from? Or will I only be able to choose one single country/whole Europe/World?

Say I wanted to make my app available in Europe but not in Portugal - Is that possible?.......


Yes, of course you can enable/disable (make your app available for) specific regions (countries).

As you want to disable you app for Portugal...

Portugal is listed in territory list in iTune account for app. Just uncheck (remove tickmark) for that country.

Look at this snapshot:

enter image description here

Here is more detailed answer (how you can see territories/list) - Application approved - pending developer release - Currently unavailable in your Country


Follow my steps in iTunes store to update territory:

   1) Open Pricing and Availability
    2) Click on Edit on Availability

    You can tick mark only those territories in which you want your application.

Step: 1

Step: 2

Step: 3

  • Can I change territory for Ready for sale app in this way? or I can set territory before review only. – Sanman Feb 4 at 9:39
  • You can change it after sale as well. – Nirmalsinh Feb 4 at 11:44

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