I am running an Azure function in Consumption Plan mode and am seeing regular troughs in throughput as shown in the attached image. I have stripped out all external dependencies such that function execution is predictable, as in, receive single event from event hub, create a new event hub message, and write back to (source) event hub via IAsyncCollector parameter.

While the behavior is not a problem per se, I am curious as to why it exists and if it is specific to the Consumption Plan mode?

Consumption Plan function requests per sec


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The Azure Functions product group pointed me to their post https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/appserviceteam/2017/09/19/processing-100000-events-per-second-on-azure-functions/

Big thanks for their help and patience.

I have applied some of these and posted my findings : https://sabin.io/blog/improving-azure-functions-throughput/

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