Currently I work on a project within the game Minecraft and OpenComputers. The main coding language is Lua.

Now, I need to find a nice solution to iterate through a string.

My current solution looks like this:

local config = "key1=type1\nkey2=type2\nkey3=type3"
local lines = {}
while true do
    local length = config:len()
    local s, f = config:find("\n")
    if s ~= nil then
        table.insert(lines, config:sub(1, s-1))
        config = config:sub(f+1, length)
        table.insert(lines, config)

In this example I have a static string in the variable config but in the real code I read the lines from a config file.

My solution works, but I think it can be cleaner. Is there a cleaner solution?

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If you want to iterate over the lines in a file, use io.lines:

local lines = {}
for l in io.lines("config.txt") do
    table.insert(lines, l)
  • The answer was soooo easy... Thank you very much. Sometimes i do not see the tree within a forest. Thank you Dec 8, 2017 at 14:04

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