I am trying to convert an emoji into its Unicode in python 3. For example I would have the emoji 😀 and from this would like to get the corresponding unicode 'U+1F600'. Similarly I would like to convert the 'U+1F600' back to 😀. Now I have read the documentation and tried several options but pythons behaviour confuses me here.

>>> x = '😀'
>>> y = x.encode('utf-8')
>>> y

The emoji is converted to a byte object.

>>> z = y.decode('utf-8')
>>> z

Converted the byte object back to the emoji, so far so good.

Now, taking the unicode for the emoji:

>>> c = '\U0001F600'
>>> d = c.encode('utf-8')
>>> d
>>> b'\xf0\x9f\x98\x80'

This prints out the byte encoding again.

>>> d.decode('utf-8')
>>> '😀'

This prints the emoji out again. I really can't figure out how to convert solely between the Unicode and the emoji.


'😀' is already a Unicode object. UTF-8 is not Unicode, it's a byte encoding for Unicode. To get the codepoint number of a Unicode character, you can use the ord function. And to print it in the form you want you can format it as hex. Like this:

s = '😀'



If you have Python 3.6+, you can make it even shorter (and more efficient) by using an f-string:

s = '😀'

BTW, if you want to create a Unicode escape sequence like '\U0001F600' there's the 'unicode-escape' codec. However, it returns a bytes string, and you may wish to convert that back to text. You could use the 'UTF-8' codec for that, but you might as well just use the 'ASCII' codec, since it's guaranteed to only contain valid ASCII.

s = '😀'



I suggest you take a look at this short article by Stack Overflow co-founder Joel Spolsky The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!).

sentence = "Head-Up Displays (HUD)💻 for #automotive🚗 sector\n \nThe #UK-based #startup🚀 Envisics got €42 million #funding💰 from l… "
print("normal sentence - ", sentence)

uc_sentence = sentence.encode('unicode-escape')
print("\n\nunicode represented sentence - ", uc_sentence)

decoded_sentence = uc_sentence.decode('unicode-escape')
print("\n\ndecoded sentence - ", decoded_sentence)


normal sentence -  Head-Up Displays (HUD)💻 for #automotive🚗 sector
The #UK-based #startup🚀 Envisics got €42 million #funding💰 from l… 

unicode represented sentence -  b'Head-Up Displays (HUD)\\U0001f4bb for #automotive\\U0001f697 sector\\n \\nThe #UK-based #startup\\U0001f680 Envisics got \\u20ac42 million #funding\\U0001f4b0 from l\\u2026 '

decoded sentence -  Head-Up Displays (HUD)💻 for #automotive🚗 sector
The #UK-based #startup🚀 Envisics got €42 million #funding💰 from l… 

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